Walmart made $16B in profit & is owned by the richest family in America. Yet many Walmart workers barely scrape by. They aren’t the only ones hurt by the Walmart economy.

That’s why we created a space where all people can share how the Walmart economy is impacting them. Let’s show that inequality – driven by families like the Waltons – is something all of us feel. Whether you’re struggling to pay bills, drowning in debt or unable to retire, it’s time we stand up against the Walmart economy that is hurting us all.

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it means

that my mom cant keep helping her disabled daughter not become homeless while she waits for SSI.

it means that my mom cant help me with the $10K I need to save my life.

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my taxes paying to subsidize the biggest, most profitable retailer in the world — all so that Walmart can pay its workers starvation wages.  Outrageous!

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Forced into Quitting

I was forced into quitting my job at wal-mart after being injured on the job. After nearly 5 years of working for the company, setting up their POS network in the backroom, maintaining the backroom, loading, unloading trucks, doing the job of a support manager for 7 months and then passed up for promotion, and running areas on the floor that are now ran in the same store by 3 people instead of 1, I was forced into quitting. This occurred when I was injured when an unsecure pallet of 2k lbs broke while I was working on it. I was injured and have permanent nerve damage now in my leg and lower back making walking, standing, and sitting painful. I can no longer lift one of my arms above my head for extended periods of time. While on medical leave I was given a certified letter on 5pm on a friday which stated that I had 24 hours to bring to them an update of my medical information or they would consider it as me quitting. It is not possible to see an occupational therapist on a saturday when their hours are only mon-fri. On monday, at 7:30 in the morning I returned to the store and gave them the paperwork. They informed me that they don’t know anything about the paperwork and that they were told a month prior that I had quit. All my information was already removed and placed that I had quit without notification, leaving me unavailable for re-employment with that company.
I used to work for walmart when Sam Walton was alive. When minimum wage was $5.25/hour. I started then at $11.50/hour and was given time and a half on weekends, double time on sundays, and percentage based wages with some of the best medical care available. I left after Sam’s death. When I returned to the exact same position some years later, I was given a wage of $7.25/hour (minimum wage), no overtime compensation, no weekend premium, static raises of 5, 10, or 50 cents an hour, and no medical care for the first year of employment. Sam would be ashamed of his children, nearly as ashamed as the employees are.

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