Walmart made $16B in profit & is owned by the richest family in America. Yet many Walmart workers barely scrape by. They aren’t the only ones hurt by the Walmart economy.

That’s why we created a space where all people can share how the Walmart economy is impacting them. Let’s show that inequality – driven by families like the Waltons – is something all of us feel. Whether you’re struggling to pay bills, drowning in debt or unable to retire, it’s time we stand up against the Walmart economy that is hurting us all.

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Sick of subsidizing the Waltons…

Frankly, I am sick of subsidising the Waltons.  Fork over some of your billions that you make every year and pay your employees a living wage.  This is a family that could make a huge positive difference in thousands of people’s lives, instead they show up in life as greedy, mean-spirited and complacent.

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The Walmart economy means…

The Walmart economy means that my tax dollars are subsidizing the wealthy Walton family.  I choose not to shop at Walmart, but I can’t choose not to give my money to the Waltons.  Walmart  has a horrible environmental record as well.

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